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Welcome to Montessorian World International . The Members' Network. Open Education

Montessorian Open Learning Network
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Montessorian World Education Network
is a dedicated open learning platform for the advancement of Montessorian Education. Anywhere. Anytime. Learn, Earn or Share. Find quality learning programmes, goodwill exchanges & fellowship, job and business development opportunities; support services for trainers & educators, schools and service providers under one ready ecommerce enabled open education system

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Montessorian World - The Members' Network
Connecting Communities Worldwide

Montessorian World International
is the world's largest infrastructure of networked country-specific Montessori and Montessorian portals under one Global Learning Environment. Montessorian World is dedicated to all Montessorians and friends. Today, it interconnects coummunities in over sixty countries worldwide and thirty four provinces / cities in China for learning and cooperative outreach for good. Ready ecommerce enabled Education and Community Portal with local support by country.

Participation is by Membership.


Montessorian World
Community Host - by country

Montessorian World
Education Host - by country

Montessorian World in China - by city / province & 32 major provinces - Chinese version under development.
The Montessorian World International - The Members' Network and Open Education
The Portal for all Montessorians and Friends.

Montessorian World International is the world's largest infrastructure of networked country-specific Montessori and Montessorian portals under one Global Learning Environment. Together with Montessorian World Education Network and Montessori Asia, MWI hosts a variety of education, business and professional development programmes under an Open Education Portal.

The Montessorian Open Learning Network is open for participation by membership.

Membership Plan for parents and their children, principals and their teachers, schools and their trainers, learning institutions and all education service providers.

Join us for personal or professional development or as a Montessorian Professional or Educator.

Find Montessorian Membership Plan and Education Pathway Programs.

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Montessorian World - One Global Learning Environment
Connecting Montessorians and Communities, Education Hosts and Friends Worldwide
Chidren to adult development. Interdisciplinary support and transnational education.
Educators & Trainers, Community & Education Hosts wanted by country / city location.

Membership is a Learning Partnership.
Find authorised Education & Membership programmme of Montessorian World International.
Uniquely structured with Learning Pathway and Development Opportunities

Be a Qualified Member and a Certified Montessorian Professional or Educator.

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